QTIndu project is developing courses directly linked to the industry needs and will be tailored to different business sectors, such as telecommunication, software, logistics, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, finance, and consulting, where QT is relevant. Each of these business sectors has its specific QT applications and specific needs for the qualificaion of their workforce.

Modules and courses of various competency levels, industries, target audiences and durations will be stored on a novel block-chain powered ecosystem.


Fully documented 1-5 hour interactions. E.g. short soft skills symposia, digital educational modules (composers, quiskit…), remote access experiments, virtual training activities (games, VR…).

Module material will be made publicly available on relevant EU-platforms.



Courses at different levels are under development:

- Introductory courses for business leaders and managers.
- Introductory courses for job seekers, including career and resourcing advice.
- Introductory courses for a technical skilled workforce, such as engineers.
- Intermediate courses (including hands-on workshops, in-person training in labs, and technical seminars).


Courses will be hosted on an online commerical e-learning platform, linked to a diversity of academic platforms.

Blockchain-powered learner data ecosystem including Earn-to-Learn pilot.

QTIndu website.